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Welcome to  Gbasu . Online Internet Ka Pura Gyan Hindi English Me

Hello, friends, My name is Basudev Nishad, I have done (Bachelor of Art). And I am 23 years old, I live in Gorakhpur city. I started blogging since 2017 and after that, I started studying I blogging from and telling intranet information in Hindi English and May think that people who want to earn information from the internet and earn their own business, Gbasu can teach from Layer rate and can acquire knowledge

I started Gbasu in November 2017. I give information about all these blogging tips on how to make blogging tips, LitTelTecholgya tips, Make Many Online u Tubayo Fotosop and internet.

Technical Tips Gbasu Mission

The mission of this website is that the information given to you is given to those people who are given in Hindi and English, who are the people who want to make their identity from the Internet, this website is their helpless. With the help of the website, by computing the computer May have

From basic to advance level, here will provide information about the internet
You will find some new information every day on the website.

If you have any questions. And the answer is yes, about the internet, you can comment on this and you can ask me if you want me to follow on social media.

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