Farmers can take advantage of such prime minister's agricultural scheme

Prime Minister's agricultural irrigation scheme is being run by the Government of India. Under the scheme, the Government is giving a huge subsidy on the schemes and schemes of irrigation, in which water, expenditure, and hard work are saved. Under the scheme drip and sprinkler irrigation system is being encouraged to effectively adapt to different crops. By adopting this irrigation method, with the saving of 40-50% water, a 35-40% increase in production and improvement of yield can be improved.
Farmers can take advantage of such prime minister's agricultural scheme
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Drip irrigation 

According to the Operational Guidelines of the Government of India, 2017, progressive production and water harvesting can be done by applying drip irrigation method in suitable crops based on 14 different lateral spacing of horticulture, agriculture, and sugarcane crops and on the basis of 14 different late spacing crops.

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Sprinkler irrigation

Simple irrigation by sprinkler irrigation peas, carrots, radishes, various types of leafy vegetables, pulse crops, oilseed crops, other farm crops, medicinal and sweet crops, mini sprinkler, micro sprinkler, semi-permanent, portable and large vacuum sprinkler (Rengan). Can be managed.

Training will be given to beneficiary farmers

Under the scheme, 2-day training of beneficiary farmers will be given to farmers, farmers will be given technical information by organizing a workshop/seminar at farmers level and outside the state level.

Who will be eligible for this scheme?

  • The benefits of the scheme are being given to the farmers of all sections.
  • To get the benefit of the scheme, the farmer has his own farming and water resources.
  • The benefits of the scheme are being given to the members of the co-operative society, self-help groups, corporate companies, Panchayati Raj institutions, non-co-operative societies, trusts, productive farmer groups.
  • Beneficiaries / Institutions are also getting the benefit of the scheme, which cultivates/cultivate land on farming or lease (agriculture) on a minimum 7-year contract.
  • One beneficiary can take advantage of the scheme for the second time after 7 years on the same land area.
  • The beneficiary will be able to pay the remaining amount in addition to the grant of their own source or loan to the farmer.

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How to register

Interested beneficiaries can avail the benefits of the scheme by registering themselves on the portal on the farmers' farmer transparent Yazna. The shadow copy of the first page of the bank passbook is mandatory for transfer of Aadhaar card, Khatuni and grant funds for identification of land for an identity of farmers for registration.

Selection of producer firms

Farmers of any of the registered manufacturers of the establishment of drip and sprinkler irrigation system in the state are free to provide the work of supply/installation as per their wish. Supply of various components in accordance with BIS standards by producer firms or their authorized dealer/distributor will be mandatory and arrangement of free-fall-off service for minimum 3 years will be decided.

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