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UC we-media is good but not the best for those who really good writers and those who are hardworking guys, because UC we-media recently got so strict so the amount of money you will receive is very low, and also your content is getting views for more than 4-5 days after you publish. and then you don't get any views on your old articles there is biggest lost for any writers, and also you don't put any links on that.

But if you think it's ok for you and still you wanna continue with it then let's forget it.

But if you want to be your own boss and start your own news blog then I will help you with getting started.

You don't need any special skills for starting a news blog, here you will get all the step by step guide on how to start a news blog.

Why Starting a blog is a good idea?

Starting a blog means you are the boss and you can write what you want, you can publish the articles as many as you can, you can put the links(affiliate links) to earn some commission, and also monetize with Google Adsense and earn money. there are so many peoples who earn lacs of money by just blogging, you can google it.

Where to start?

First of all, you have to choose your niche, niche means a topic where you can post about the topics in your blog, which category you want to post in your blog, and you have to decide your blogs name(example.com).

4 Simple Steps to start your news blog

1. Choose Domain

choose the domain name of your blog, domain is your website address like www.ucnews.in, take time and choose a unique domain name so people will find easily.

2. Choose Web hosting: Web hosting is the key factor for starting a brand new blog, web hosting is the place where your data is saved, remember whenever you search for web hosting you will see some very cheap hosting plans and they offer you very cheap hostings, don't be fulled by reading fake reviews and all. I recommend Bluehost because Bluehost is the #1 hosting in the world.

Article: Check out Step by Step Guide on how to start a blog

Why Bluehost?

A free Domain
A free SSL Certificate
A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
A One Click Wordpress Installation
for more read this article: Get Free Domain And SSL with this Hosting Plan

3. Install WordPress

After choosing the domain name and web hosting the next step is to install Wordpress, installing WordPress is very easy, after buying hosting you will get cPanel and you have to log in with given username and password(you will receive this by mail). after login to cPanel finds the website section there you will see the Wordpress and click and install.

4. Select a good theme and install important plugins

One thing I love about WordPress is there are thousands of free theme to choose from, and you can simply search them and try it the best-looking themes, but remember to choose the responsive theme for your blog, and install some basic plugins like Yoast for SEO, W3 Total Cache, Contact Form 7.
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