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WhatsApp keeps on being the most mainstream informing administration in 2018 as well. We utilize it routinely in our everyday lives. It is a straightforward stage utilized by billions of individuals.

Whatsapp Tips Tricks Hidden Features Hacks 2018
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WhatsApp continues adding new highlights to the application consistently. Two years back, we completed a post on 21 best traps each WhatsApp client should know. Albeit every one of those traps is as yet substantial, two years is a significantly long time in the realm of tech and it was just able that we returned to that subject to include the new highlights and tips that have appeared on the Android application from that point forward.

We've figured out how to list 17 of them in this post, so get some espresso!

NOTE: While these tips are primarily for WhatsApp on Android, a portion of these may likewise apply to iOS.


We have all been in a circumstance where we needed to peruse WhatsApp messages without opening the WhatsApp application. As it were, perusing messages without changing our last observed or going on the web.

All things considered, there's a straightforward method for doing as such. Furthermore, no, we are not discussing the Airplane mode trap. You should simply utilize the WhatsApp gadget on Android. At whatever point you get another message, it will have appeared in the gadget. You would then be able to check messages without changing the last observed.

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To do as such, long-tap any vacant space on your telephone's home screen and tap Widgets. Look down and search for WhatsApp.

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Hold the gadget that has messages in it and drags it to your home screen. On the off chance that you have any new messages, those will appear in the gadget.

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You can include or evacuate this gadget whenever. It's redundant that you ought to have included this gadget before you get another message. Indeed, even after you get a message, you can make the gadget to peruse messages.

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So also, utilizing another deceive you can likewise send messages without opening WhatsApp. Which means, your WhatsApp last observed won't change and your companions won't have the capacity to see your online status.

To do as such, you require the assistance of Google Assistant. To start with, you have to set up Google Assistant, on the off chance that you haven't yet. At that point, open Google Assistant by holding the Home catch of your Android gadget.

Tell the Assistant the accompanying direction: "Send a WhatsApp message to", trailed by the contact name. For example, in the event that I need to send a WhatsApp message to my companion Trump, I will state the direction, "Send a WhatsApp message to Trump."

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The Assistant will at that point request that you direct the message. At long last, when you have talked the full, the Assistant will affirm before sending the message. Sending messages by this technique won't change your last observed. Incidentally, while you are investigating Google Assistant, check these ground-breaking Assistant tips and traps.

Vital: While sending the message utilizing this strategy, if the Assistant opens WhatsApp, expel WhatsApp from your ongoing applications.


A year ago, WhatsApp acquainted the usefulness with offer a wide range of records. You can send APK, ZIP, RAR or some other record type through WhatsApp now.

To do as such, open the WhatsApp visit string and tap the Attachment symbol. Tap on Document from the rundown of the alternatives. Select your document and send it.

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Because of this component, now you can likewise send uncompressed photographs and recordings. For the ignorant, when you send photographs and recordings by choosing Gallery in the WhatsApp connection alternative, it diminishes the measure of media influencing its quality. In this way, to send a record in its unique size, utilize the Document connection alternative as made reference to above.

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Commonly, we get messages from obscure numbers on WhatsApp. While the Truecaller application could help in recognizing the individual, you can utilize the inherent element of WhatsApp to see the name of an obscure number on the off chance that you don't utilize Truecaller.

DID YOU KNOW: Truecaller likewise demonstrates your last observed. Here are the means by which to debilitate it.

To do as such, open the visit string of the obscure number and tap the best bar where the number is available. On the following screen, you will see the senders name on the correct side of the telephone number in the best segment. The name will be indicated just for numbers that are not in your contact list.

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NOTE: A man can change this name whenever. It is a similar name that you enter while making your WhatsApp profile. You can transform it in the WhatsApp settings as made reference to underneath.


To change your WhatsApp name, tap the three-speck symbol in the upper right corner of WhatsApp and select Settings from the menu.

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At that point tap the primary alternative and enter your new name in the Name area. WhatsApp obviously specifies this isn't your username or stick, yet it's just a name to distinguish you.

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WhatsApp plays voice accounts on speaker, of course. It's fine when only you're, however probably won't be a smart thought when you have individuals around (particularly companions love's identity awful).

WhatsApp knows this and consequently, it has given us a concealed component to tune in to voice chronicles by means of the amplifier of our gadget.

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To do as such, you should simply tap the play catch on the voice recording in WhatsApp and take your telephone close to your ear as though you are conversing with somebody. This will play the voice recording secretly by means of the mouthpiece. Slick,

7. Conceal CHATS

While WhatsApp doesn't have a worked in the system to bolt the application or even shroud talks with a secret key, you can utilize the Archive visits highlight to conceal your talks. This component puts every one of the talks that you document under the Archive list, present at the base of WhatsApp.

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This may be a decent method to conceal your talks from prying eyes. Be that as it may, remember these two things while concealing your visits utilizing this strategy.

To start with, in the event that you get another message in the documented visit string, it will naturally leave the Archive list and will be noticeable like ordinary talks. Second, Archive visit is only a straightforward method to shroud talks and not the best one. You can check these tips to anchor your WhatsApp appropriately.

To conceal a visit, hold the talk string that you need to document and tap the Archive symbol in the best bar. You will get a spring up at the base saying Chat filed.

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To see your Archived talks, look down on the home screen of WhatsApp and tap Archived visits. To unarchive a visit, hold the chronicled talk string under the Archived visits pursued by tapping the Unarchive alternative.

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I'm expecting the greater part of you realize that you can impart your present static area to your companions on WhatsApp. Yet, do you realize that you can likewise impart your continuous area to your companions? Which means, your area will persistently change on their guide as you move. This component is very useful when you need to monitor your companions.

To share live area on WhatsApp, open the talk string with whom you need to share your live area and tap the Attachment symbol pursued by Location.

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On the following screen, pick Share live area and select the day and age for which you need to share your area. You can look over 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours. At last, tap the Send catch.

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9. Stick CHATS

WhatsApp gives you a chance to stick up to 3 visits. These talks will dependably be available over alternate visits on WhatsApp. Regardless of whether you get another message in the other talk strings, the stuck visits won't change their position.

To stick a visit, hold the talk and tap the Pin symbol. To unfasten a talk, hold the stuck visit and tap the unfasten choice.

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On the off chance that you need to open more number of talk strings rapidly, you can utilize another trap separated from stuck visits. For this, you should make talk alternate ways on your home screen.

When you make a visit alternate way, simply tap the easy route and after that, you can straightforwardly begin talking with that individual. You don't need to open WhatsApp independently and after that search for your most loved contact.

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To make alternate routes, hold the WhatsApp visit string and tap the three-dab symbol in the upper right corner. Select Add talk alternate route. Go to your telephone's home screen. Tap the recently made visit symbol to talk with the individual.

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Since we will, in general, utilize WhatsApp as often as possible, we can utilize it to scribble down snappy notes. No, you don't have to send messages to other people. We will disclose to you a basic method to make WhatsApp your everyday journal.

To do as such, open WhatsApp and make a gathering by including any of your companions. When the gathering is made, expel your companion. WhatsApp doesn't erase the gathering regardless of whether it has just a single part. Incidentally, in the event that you are standard
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